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Mike Groth
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1st week of Elite Fitness!!!

5 rounds of:
400m run
15 Overhead squats (1st round 65lbs, 2nd-5th 55lbs)


I need to work on keeping the bar back. It kept falling forward on the 1st round. I did better with form at 55lbs.

Tuesday 5/1/07
Do as many rounds in 20 mintues:
10 deadlifts @ 135lbs
3 rope climbs

5 rounds

I made it to the top of the rope 1 time. The rest I just couldnt keep the technique going. My forearms are burning today. I can tell Im getting stronger though. I used to be able to do only a couple sets of 135lb deadlifts. Today I could have done more deadlifts but the ropeclimb limited me to 5 rounds.
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