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Garrett is absolutely right on this one. The long-term fix for your running problems is to learn to run properly.

Short-term, TP massage might help. But it will not make the cause of the problem go away.

If you want to convert to more "natural" running, learn to run on the balls of your feet. Go and get some aqua socks or other minimal shoes like those made for cross country running, or run without shoes if the surface allows it.

Good advice on how to do this is to be found on:

- - Gordon Pirie website, get his book "Running Fast and Injury Free" - probably all you need:

- - POSE method of running - already recommended by Garrett, good resource, but pricey (seminars)

- - Ozzie Gontang's Mindfull Running site, e.g., - good advice and interesting thoughts

Be warned, the conversion to "natural" running will probably take some months. But it is totally worth it.

I did it myself, because of shin splints, and never looked back.

Good luck, and fast recovery,

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