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Hello, my name Alec and I just signed up at a crossfit only gym. I'm excited. I only did one other crossfit class in LA before moving back to the East Coast, and my biceps hurt to the touch for 5 days. Started here last week Monday, and my legs were sore for a while but I just wanted to get back in the gym as soon as possible. So this was my second Monday, and it was AWESOME.

I've been doing all the newbie stuff like watching The 2010 Crossfit Games Midwest Sectionals on youtube 15 times:

Hijacking the audio stream c/o audiohijack, and trying to be as curious about crossfit as I can.

My legs were sore today too, but I got in a 2 mile run after work to clear out some of the lactic acid that is probably stationed in my legs.

Oh, today's workout was:

5 Rounds for Time:

25 Wallballs to the skylight

I can't do HSPU so I held a handstand with the help of the wall for the first 30 seconds, then subbed in 3 pushups for every HSPU. I made it through the 4th round of the Wall balls by 15 minutes, so, there's room for improvement. That's me dancing! Go first day on the boards. WOO!
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