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Re: diet help. omega 3:6

I think anyone who is eating something along the lines of "paleo" will have a hard time *not* getting enough fat. It's pretty surprising how much fat there is in a lot of cuts of meat, particularly the more delicious ones . Whenever I take the time to plug my food into FitDay or something, it seems like at least 40-50% of my calories come from fat, and I typically don't add more oil or anything than is necessary for cooking.

That said, there are lots of alternatives to coconut and olive oils. I love sesame oil, particularly for cooking cabbage or using any kind of Chinese spices/flavor with chicken or beef or whatever. I know some people like macadamia oil a lot. A strip of bacon can provide a lot of oil.

The 3:6 ratio doesn't really have to do much with the fat sources you're describing. The point of increasing 3s or taking fish oil is mainly to outcompete the 6s for the same biochemical processes. Olive oil consists mainly of monounsaturated fats (3s and 6s are polyunsaturated).

It is really easy to consume a ton of calories when you're eating nuts. Poison's always in the dose.
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