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Re: Camille L.

Originally Posted by Mark E. Wallace View Post
Personally, I'd have been pizzed as hell at the judge, but I think the crying was (1) an overreaction and (2) lack of atheletic discipline/focus on her part.

- Mark
Ouch. I probably would have cried, too, but to blame it on lack of athletic discipline and an overreaction is a little....harsh. Jesus, with all that intense energy and required focus combined with pushing oneself to the max in a very extreme workout for days in a row to have something so preventable like a timed out rower happen? I'd probably lose it a little, too. I didn't see it, but shedding some tears and maybe yelling a few cuss words doesn't sound like overreacting, more like a legit level of frayed emotions. I mean, she didn't train as hard as she did to get the Games and push herself insanely hard over each WOD to have that happen. To call it frustrating would likely be an understatement.
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