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Re: "different" diet question/opinion

It depends on how strict you are being, if you want to go completely paleo then you should only have herbs, some rock or sea salt sparingly, any bottled sauces are going to contain sweeteners, sodium or gluten and so wouldn't be allowable by a strict paleo diet.

If you are being a bit less strict pre-mixed herbs and spices containing salt or sugar are probably going to be of little concern, but you should definitely stay away from sauces. look at salad dressings for the most part you can ruin the healthfulness of a salad just by adding a crappy dressing, sauces are one of the easy things to overdo on, and a quick way to ruin a good diet.

If you want to be super casual paleo (or not paleo at all really, but calling it paleo), then you could include sauces, but as above, be careful to read the ingredients most will include soy lectin or oil, gluten (almost all bbq and soy sauces have gluten/wheat as a thickener), sweeteners, or salt. A safe rule is if it has more than 3 ingredients, and if salt or sugar make up more than 1/3 of the mix, stay away. Same deal for pasta, if you are going to do a rare cheat do the real thing, but if its going to be a staple of your diet it is a) not paleo, b) probably worth looking at gluten free options, preferably from rice or coconut flour.

Personally, I use a lot of salsa or chutneys made purely from veggies/fruits when I want to cook my meat in something.
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