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I started the zone at 19 blocks when I weighed in at 185 and 10% BF (This was after I dropped 35 pounds on no particular diet, just Crossfit). I dropped down to 179 pretty quick without losing in the strength realm. Since my overall goal is to add significant strength numbers to my paltry base, I decided, based on info read here, to up my fat intake by 3x. Now, 4 weeks into this new diet phase and my weight has gone back up to 182 but my BF % appears to be the same and I am seeing surprising strength gains. My squat went up 25# in two weeks and I am pretty sure that I am about to get my muscleup. Tomorrow I am due for ME Standing Press (Im following Coach Rut's ME black box) and I am pretty sure that my numbers here have also gone up.

To Recap, establish a baseline and then slowly add from there. If you change too much all at once, you wont know what to attribute the changes to.

Oh yeah, Welcome!!! :banana:
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