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Re: Love for Crossfit and a Question

Originally Posted by Li Goldberg View Post
Simon: I took a look at those just now. I'm a little tight on money; is it plausible to wrap the hand and wrist together and still do lifts? Can I do it with a normal ace bandage or would I be better off investing in a legit wrap? I wear weightlifting gloves, too, and I'm assuming those complicate things.
Lose the gloves, they could make things worse for you. Go with chalk and a proper grip on the bar and you'll be okay.

Have you seen someone about why your knees and wrists "dislocate"? If you don't know why this is happening then wraps are just masking it for a short period of time and you can't work on addressing the cause.

Another possible issue is improper technique. Lifting things wrong has a nasty habit of screwing things up. Lifting correctly can fix these screw-ups.
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