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Love for Crossfit and a Question - Wrist Wrap Question

So, Crossfit is awesome. As if you all didn't know. But I figured I'd say something to remind everybody.

I started Crossfit after I broke my foot freshman year in college (I'm a sophomore now). I can't do too much weight because my wrists and knees start to dislocate if I do, but I'm definitely not the little waif I was. I've gotten my three-mile run down to just over 17 minutes and my max weight for a deadlift is 80 lbs. I wanted to thank Crossfit and all of you awesome-possum people who made me want to be awesome, too!

As for my question, I was wondering if anyone knew of or had any recommendations for flexible wrist braces and knee braces that I could use while exercising; or would bandages and wraps be a better way to go?
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