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Kevin McMahon
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Another Burpee Challenge

I started a group on Facebook to help encourage myself, family, and friends to start/keep up on a healthier lifestyle. As part of the kick-off of the group i have posed a 60-day burpee challenge. Now i know its not as as long as the 100-day one, obviously, but its a good start considering i have a lot of people that have said they are doing it that are not really doing any workout right now. It has all the same rules as the 100-day just shorter.

There is a link to the group here if anyone is interested in joining us, (link SFW)
Its open to all facebook members, as is the group itself, (also SFW)
I am hoping to start some xfit again soon, either on my own at the useless gym here on base, or at the local affiliate. Thanks for stopping by.
I'm just sayin...
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