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Re: Bodyweight Workout Resource v2.0

Originally Posted by Mike Romo View Post
So, Shane, in a previous life did you happen to be Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor? Just kidding.
Hmm are you insinuating I'm some sort of CF purist or something?

Originally Posted by Mike Romo View Post
To follow on the last couple of entries, if you are considering a third version in the future, is there a way to label the WODs in such a way to assist those who need help programming to prevent the death by pullups/pushups syndrome or multiple long metcons or an overdose of strength minus conditioning? These are great workouts and my programming is alright, but I know many folks who are equipment challenged may do themselves a disservice by just picking randomly or in groups of familiar movements rather than varying programming in true CF style.
I'll probably do that for a future version. I think that's more of an opinion matter and I'm no expert on programming, but it is easy to cherry pick WODs and not make many improvements.
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