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Re: My 28 day challenge.

August 16th:

3 eggs, bacon, celery.

Some carrot, olive oil, about 5-6 olives, some onion, a bit of chopped tomato. One pork chop, grilled over wood so no fat added in cooking. Some beef too but I tried not to overeat. A little white wine. Green tea.

Pumpking seeds, organic raw. I was out of honey, tasted kinda bad all alone. Some ginger tea I think, two cups at least.

1 Orange, 1 Kiwi.

Broccoli, a TON, sauteed with butter and garlic. Some beef, was enough I bet, but my desire for tasty food made me eat a chicken drumstick, also grilled over wood earlier this day, no fat added, I ate the skin, it was DELICIOUS. A little white wine.

As if I had not eaten enough on this day... I was very hungry before bed, and I found some salted cashewes and ate a TON. Argh. Kindof a "slip" but at least it's Paleo. But I shouldn't have eaten them, not one.. but I was hungry and thinking "I should eat", and when you have a whole jar, it's hard to control your portion.

NOTE: Although I ate Paleo, days like these are probably not gonna lead to a lean physique. But who knows!

Sundays are the second hardest day of the week for me, as we usually spend it at my parent's house with some more family, and TONS of meat is cooked over wood, and everyone eats sweet stuff in the afternoon... hard to control oneself 100%, but I think I was doing a darn fine job until the bunch of cashewes before bed.
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