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Re: My 28 day challenge.

August 12th:

3oz or so of lean pork loin, cooked in coconut oil the day before. Bacon, a bit more than usual this time, maybe 2oz? Lots of celery.

Broccoli, lots, with organic ghee. Canned pink salmon, no idea how much, maybe 6 or 7 oz? Some onion there too, some anchovies in olive oil as well. Green tea.

2.5oz of walnuts. I know it was this amount because the little pack said so.

Pineapple, didn't weigh to see how much.

Cream, from milk. About 6-7 oz of it. About 5 strawberries, a cup of diced papaya, and 4 black grapes.

A whole can of "fresh spinach", raw, with a can of sardines in olive oil, some anchovies in olive oil, and almost a tablespoon of dijon mustard. Tiny little bit of white wine.

NOTES: I wont say I "fell off the wagon", but I did screw up. I bought that cream just because I had not bought it in many, many years. I wanted my 2 year old son to try it, and while I made him a bit with some fruit, I made the mistake of trying it! Oh my... I ended up finishing the little jar. Each serving said 2 gram carbs, 1 gram protein and 22 grams of fat. I ate what I calculated to be about 3.5 servings!! Wow, tons of fat, heh. I ate it along with all that fruit I mentioned... so maybe the insuline response was all right? ... I ate the sardines late at night, with the spinach, just because I feared I had not taken enough protein on this day, but I was not hungry to be honest. I know many people here do paleo with diary, I honestly don't, but I would if I could find raw milk. This cream was made from pasteurized milk, sadly. So it's a mistake, but it's not like I ate grains or sugar or anything, so I'm gonna keep thinking I'm still on track.
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