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Re: My 28 day challenge.

Mike: I plan to stick to this 100% and serve as inspiration to other folks like you, thanks for the encouragement, I'll show you how it's done and hopefully you'll stick to your own plan after you see my before/after pics or something, heh.

Lawrence, thank you, I am not afraid of fat and eat a ton of it!

August 11th:

3 eggs, bacon, and lots of celery.

Lean pork loin cooked with coconut oil, maybe 6oz. Broccoli, lots of it, sauteed with organic ghee, some onion and garlic. I had some more of the onion and garlic so mixed with some little lettuce and cabbage that had just been chopped. Also a small carrot, raw. Green tea.

Organic pumpkin seeds, almost half a cup I think, with less than 1 tsp honey. A few almonds too, to ensure I wouldn't get hungry quickly.

Little bit of black coffee.

Papaya.. it wasn't diced, but I guess it'd be over a cup if it were, or about that.

Bok choy and zucchini sauteed in ghee. The pan was greasy so no more fat added to cook two smoked pork chops, delicious stuff. Also ate about 7 olives with a little bit of raw ham. Little cup of white wine.

NOTE 1: In the main 3 meals, I am taking 2 cod liver oil caps, and a big teaspoon of fish oil. So daily I take 6 CLO caps and about 4.5 grams of omega 3's.

NOTE 2: The organic ghee is the closest thing to organic butter I can get. It specifically says it's made from PASTURED cows. I haven't been able to find organic butter, but this seems to be almost the same. It's either this or a regular supermarket-bought butter, from cows than probably eat crap.
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