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My 28 day challenge.

I'm starting this log to keep me motivated. Here's the thing: I'm fully convinced that we should all eat paleo. I've read extensively Art de Vany's stuff, Weston A. Price and even Mark's Daily Apple webpage and I agree with almost everything. I just seem to NEVER be able to stick with it, strictly, for more than a few days. What's even worse is, that after a few days of clean eating, I go on a massive binge and I'd eat horribly for a few days straight. I'm talking about really, really bad eating. Must be that "binge eating disorder" or whatever, because I eat like it's the last day of my life and I just wanna taste everything that is sweet, regardless of how full I'm feeling...

So why 28 days? Because in September 7th I turn 26 years old, and I want that to be the day of my next "cheat meal". Why not 30 days, you may ask? Well, this last weekend I went with my wife to a beach resort (2 nights, check in friday and leaving sunday), and I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself there. However, I must admit I ate GREAT compared to all other resorts I've been to. In them, I would always eat like 150 desserts on top of the meat and stuff, this is horrible, and I'd end up feeling so full and hopeless for the duration of the resort. This one was different, I ate a ton of veggies and I had those desserts only ONCE!! I know, incredible. I did drank quite a bit, but still, I felt good throughout the weekend, motivated as heck, I surprised the heck out of my wife too, eating the way I did.

I should also note I'm doing rehab stuff for my AC joint surgery on July 7th, so I wont be doing serious strength training or metcons in these next 4 weeks, but some random rehab/prehab stuff for certain body parts. So I might not log the workouts I do, maybe whenever I see progress or something I will type it here so I don't forget.
I took the "before" pictures yesterday at noon, before lunch. I fully believe that in just 28 days, the "after" pictures should be a shocker. So, here's what I ate:

August 10th 2009:

3 eggs with bacon and lots of celery. Cooked with the bacon fat, maybe 1oz or a little bit more of bacon.

Two plates of soup, lots of veggies in it, and some beef, did not weigh it. Beef cooked without fat this time (grill). Quite a bit of avocado too.

Organic sunflower seeds (unsalted) with about 3/4 teaspoon honey. A few organic almonds (unsalted, roasted).

About 1.3 oranges, 5 strawberries and a cucumber thrown in the blender.

Spinach, bok choy, onion, one garlic, sauteed in organic pastured ghee, with a little Apple Cider Vinegar, with some more beef from the grill, quite a bit of it. Little cup of white wine.
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