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Tim Walsh
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So, almost exactly three years ago, before going into my senior year of high school, I remember reading in an article (Men's Health, I think) that the majority of adult men cannot do a single pull-up. I never did pull-ups but thought I was pretty athletic, so I gave it a try. Well, I couldn't even get out of a deadhang so I was forced to do negatives for my first few weeks of workouts, and afterwards I became obsessed.

Three years later, never taking much more than a couple weeks off from pull-ups, I have made some progress, but I'm not happy with it. In the beginning of July I might have hit 15 after losing about 10 pounds since May, but I can't do that many right now. My progress has been fairly steady, but slow. I got a few of my friends into doing pull-ups, and now I've seen them progress to where I am in a much shorter time frame. And seeing how many pull-ups some of you guys (especially you girls) can do is extremely depressing.

I have tried Recon Ron, but have had absolutely no success with it. I feel very burned out after a little more than a week and my hands just can't take it anymore (maybe jumping in around week 6 and doing 10/7/6/6/5 is too much?). I have also played with the Armstrong program a little. My workout logs show that I improved by a rep or two over a few weeks, but I believe I stopped because, again, I felt burned out from pulling 5 days/week. Earlier this summer I also tried doing a lot of weighted negatives (remembering my early days of not being able to do a pull-up) with a 60 pound backpack. Eventually, I was able to complete a rep with it and I really improved my strength but it was VERY hard on my hands (it doesn't help that my bar here at home does not stay still, it rotates in your hand). Even still, I think that is what got me to hit 14 (and perhaps 15) for the first time.

So now I'm asking for your opinion? Where do I take my training from here? I'm thinking about doing a workout of weighted pull-ups on Wednesdays (maybe some heavy negatives) and then trying my max every Saturday. I should note that the rest of my training is a lot of running to improve my 5-k time, Dan John's OLAD program (pull-ups would be my lift on Wednesday), and some pushups after every workout.

By the way, I will only do deadhang pull-ups.

You can see a chart of my progress by the month here:

You can also see a picture of what I have to work with here (note, I think my lats are of a decent size and I certainly don't have much weight in bodyfat holding me back):

Thanks for your help,

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