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Lost 40 lbs...Recovery questions

I posted the below in the Fitness forum but it was recomended I post here to get some input on the nutrition side of on and thank you.

I have been a cross-fitter for 4 months now - missing only 5 or so workouts during that time. I have also lost over 40 lbs during the same four months thanks to a balanced diet and ripping it on cross-fit. I have lost a total of 75lbs over the last eight months. I am 35/6-2/220.

My question is around the issue of recovery. I feel spent - stronger than I have ever been but mentaly, emotionaly and physically spent from the last eight months. Has anyone out there have any experience in this or suggestions on how to "recover."? My goals are now to maintain my weight at 220, loose the remaining fat resurves and build muscle.

More info: My diet consists of about 1,700 cal, 1:1 protein to carbs, 14 grms fiber almost no sugars or processed grains, breads, etc. A cheat day about once a week or so that consists of some popcorn or a little chocolate, etc. I take a multi vitamin as well as fish oil. I workout with cross-fit religeously and run about 6 miles a week ontop of CF and train in Aikido twice a week.

Looking for some perspective or suggestions from the CF community.

Thanks in advance.

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