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Re: Nathan Pritikin and a Healthy Body

Camille Lore : If you dig deep enough you will find Atkins died of cardiomyopathy while in a coma after his fall. The fall didn't kill him.

John S Park : I didn't mean this as an attack on the diet themselves but as an observation on dieting and well being. People complain about the Zone being too carb heavy. But, it isn't if you follow it strictly, same goes for Pritikin. I'm just observing that most people continue to eat simple carbs and then complain about the diets being carb heavy.

Steven Low : I'm aware that crossFit is about performance but they also promote fitness and I feel that well being should be included in that. I'm a huge fan of Crossfit but preaching fitness then dieting for performance doesn't really seem right. Not to me anyway.

And, most diets are calorie restricted in their strictest form. The problem I'm approaching is the lack of education to the crossfit community on the benefits of a Pritikin diet. Obviously, it is effective and if you are not a professional athlete then why would you favor performance over long life?
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