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Re: T-Nation, Shugart and the Truth About CrossFit

Originally Posted by Kevin Wood View Post
Charles Poliquin: "If you try to do everything in your workout, you get nothing. CrossFit is different, and maybe even fun for some people, but it's not very effective. No athlete has ever gotten good training like that."

I don't know about that...
yeah... it's a recurring over-simplification of a claim with it's root in truth.

The true statement: No athlete has ever reached elite status in their sport training exclusively GPP.

The exaggeration: CF/GPP might be fun, but it's useless to the athlete.

the flip side of this argument comes from the WOD nazi's:

The true statement: GPP is an integral part of nearly all athletic endeavours, and CF is an excellent resource to supplement a training program.

The exaggeration: CF makes you awesome at everything. If you want to win, just shut up and do the WOD.