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Re: Ulnar Nerve Rehab

I would eliminate any exercises that place stress on the elbows with heavy weight or repetitive flexion / extension of elbow. Exercises such as deadlifting with heavy gripping emphasis should be avoided too. As for what type of physician to see- orthopedic , plastic and neurosurgeons all can manage your care. I would go with an orthopedic surgeon preferably with specialization in upper extremity. Before they make recommendations for surgery they will take in account your EMG results and pobably have x-rays done to rule out any orthopedic causes of inpingment. One example was a long time power lifter who developed severe bone spurs on both elbows along with cubital and carpal tunnel syndrome. He was back to light weight lifting in 6-8 weeks after surgery. Like I said in the other post the surgeon will probably give you a choice between a trial of therapy or surgical intervention. Let me know if I can be any more help.
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