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Joe Cloutier
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Thanks for that guys, I appreciate it.

Matthew, that was a very interesting article indeed. I'll try to follow the strategies explained there to get my squat back up to a respectable weight. I'm aiming for a solid 225 for reps by christmas if all goes well.

I'll bump up my calories again and make the effort to eat big once more. I've already gone through a few mass gain cycles à la bodybuilding (used to weigh 115-120 lbs!), but this time I'm doing it for strenght. My goals now have become to improve strenght as much as possible while keeping my weight as stable as possible, thus maximizing strenght/weight ratio.

So more calories, harder training (powerlifting rep schemes), and everything should get back in order. This squat plateau is really annoying me right now though :furious0:!
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