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Re: What doesn't kill Natasha

Tash, I know you're re-thinking the decision to do SS, after you found this thread and post by Jeff Martin:

All of that as a preface, the current trend on the board is to advise people that they should leave Crossfit for extended periods of time and do Starting Strength. The thought process is that they will become strong and be able to bring that strength back into CrossFit and perform the workouts with the rx'd weight well. Fact is, we know that segmented training delivers segmented results. Yes you will be stronger, but you will still perform poorly in the WOD. You'll lift the weight but not be able to handle the metabolic demands of the WOD.

The second mistake in this advice is to ignore the strength gains of the person following the main page WOD. A new person following the WOD and applying themselves properly to the strength days the mainpage posts will be getting stronger but they will be working the other 9 physical skills as well, and be more prepared to kill the WOD than a person following single modality or segmented modality training. (By The Way, lest you think there isn't enough strength training in CrossFit it is the 25th of April 2008, eight workouts have included heavy singles, 3 across or 5 across, 3 more, Gwen, Elizabeth and Quarter Gone Bad have included "heavy" training)

Third, the results. The top CrossFitters around, including the top one and two place male finishers at the CrossFit Games, follow the mainpage workouts religiously. At 48 I have resigned myself to a tier two position. My 2:39 Fran, 3:30 Diane, and sub 9:00 Helen are nothing to brag about, but I hate to run and row so I follow a MEBB version of the workouts, because I would rather stand in one place and lift weights. Clearly though abandoning the metabolic workouts in place of the strength workouts will not yield the results that following the mainpage will.

As a trainer, I would have told you the following. The mainpage metabolic workouts are designed to crush elite athletes. You should be looking to scale the workouts and do them quickly and well rather than saying "I did Fran as rx'd it took me 10:00 but I did the thrusters with 95#". That is simply ego talking. CrossFit has strength days to lift heavy (11 so far this month) scale the weight to 65# and get Fran done well in 5:00. Next time Fran comes along bump it up 5 or 10#. Pretty soon you will be doing the workout as rx'd with a decent time.
I know you said you still want to do the WODs. While I am recovering, do you want to do main page WODs, or try something like the fast little soul-sucker we just discussed:

10 rounds,
50 meter sprint,
10 push-ups
for time.

How are you going to schedule this with your SS workouts this week? I'm not clear on your plan.
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