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I posted this in the comments section of the WOD, but I feel that it needs to be posted here too. I can't say enough good about attending a certification. Just do it.


The Boston certification was excellent! The sharing and honest atmosphere, lack of ego and feeling of family was profoundly heartfelt. The demonstrations/training along with the incremental and scalable progressions were invaluable and very well presented (as they have always been!).

I'm proud and priviledged to be part of this community. The grit, desire and determination I saw the in men and women gutting through BTB tabata squats, Fran and FGB was inspirational. I'm honored to have been witness to your efforts. I wish I could train with all of you; you would make me a better athlete. Thank you.

Neal has a great facility - if you are in the neighorhood you need to train there. The pullups/MUs/back levers that huge guy can do are jaw dropping. I can't forgot to mention the thick pullup bars...If you can do pullups on those bars returning to your little 1" diameter bar will make you feel like a hero...

It was fantastic to spend time with Nicole, Greg A, TJ, and Ed again; you guys are awesome and you kick a$$! Jesse - thank you for the Parkour and handstand press/pushup lessons; I want to be able to show you a jumping roll into a wall free handstand pushup the next time we meet (BTW, your Sots presses with the pair of 52# kbs was stunning!). Lynne - many, many thanks for having the courage to drive in downtown Boston! (I know how much you like driving in Boston).

My special thanks and gratitude to Coach Glassman - your encouragement, critique, suggestions and generosity have been priceless and more deeply appreciated than you can ever imagine. I can't thank you enough.

If you have never attended a certification, do so.

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