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John Arthur Spear
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I notice these self-storage type facilities popping up all over the place (especially here in Los Angeles where space is at a premium), and was thinking these might be a good option to set up a home gym in seeing that I don't have the space where I live. I checked out one of these facilities and it looked like a 10x20 or 12x25 sized unit would work nicely (ceilings are 10ft high BTW). The main drawback, I suppose, would be that the facility is only open from 7am-7pm, so I'd only have access at certain times. Otherwise it looked like enough room to set up the essentials and if I get a drive up unit then I could open the roll up door and do 400-800M runs right outside. Anyway, I was curious if anybody else had utilized this option or could think of any other issues that could be problems with a set up like this? Oh yeah, the 10x20 and 12x25 units cost $414 and $453 a month, respectively (not sure if that's a good price). Thanks for the input.
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