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Re: Improving MetCon

It would help to have a snapshot of your current fitness level--can you give any info on some of your metcon performances?

For example, if you have relatively current performance times for any of the following it might help:

1. 2k Row?
2. 5k Run?
3. Benchmark times on The Girls workouts (and what portions cause you to slow down)?
4. Any of the Open workouts and what slowed you down?

There is of course a CrossFit Endurance website which posts workouts most days and you can pick from different disciplines. The Concept2 website includes a workout of the day with short, medium, and long versions for rowing. But I would be hesitant to suggest you jump right into following specific endurance programming without knowing a little bit more about your performances and what weaknesses you really have. I tend to think many CrossFitters who don't perform well on metcons really need to just do CrossFit as originally envisioned rather than moving directly to a specialized endurance program. Many times athletes really just need to either (1) do more metcons or (2) decrease the difficulty of the metcons (weights used, movements used, scaling selected, etc.) so your power output goes up. You seem to have plenty of strength, but maybe you need to really lighten the loads on metcons for awhile to build your engine.

Some online programming includes plenty of metobolic conditioning work. I'm a big fan of CF Linchpin, Pat Sherwood's programming. He calls his Linchpin workouts elegant. Most people would call them sinister--but only in the best way of course.
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