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Re: What are you going to work on for 2016

Thanks to everyone who posted! It is good to read through the goals of others. Not only to remind myself of where I'm going, but where I've been!

I'm 44 and many of my past goals have been expressed here. It took me almost a year to do a ring muscle up, but then no time to do bar MU and to string several of them together. But my progress has stalled, and it all has to do with mobility.

My goals for this year are as follows, but in several parts:

Goal #1
Complete ONE 135# OHS. My max is 95#. Almost got 115# in a competition last summer, but the bar grazed my head on the way up so no-rep.

Sounds easy right? For me this will entail:
LOTS of mobility and flexibility work. Mobilizing, stretching, etc. I have tight shoulders, lats, hips, and ankles (yeah, that's all).

Goal #2
Complete ONE pistol with each leg.
again, more stretching, mobility work and leg/hip strength. I can do my left leg with a 10# weight held out in front, but nothing doing on the right.

Goal #3
Continue to improve on my Oly lifts, particulary the snatch.
Again, shoulder flexibility, hip and ankle flexibility (for squats, squat cleans, squat snatches (can't do even 1 at 95#) technique, technique.

Goal #4-1,000,000,000
Be smart, stay within myself, do a better job of listening to my body, stay injury free, take rest days when I need to, meet new people and make new friends and spread the word of being fit as a lifestyle!

Good luck to all!
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