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Re: Rogue "E" sled

Originally Posted by Mike Doehla View Post
yea that would be nice.

Will this thing rust? If it's wet or something should I not use it?
It may. The underside will wear but I haven't noticed a great deal of rust when using them. Although, I'm not really looking either. The sled doesn't stay wet and the air is not salty here, so, I think the rust is kept to a bare minimum.
From what I've seen, it'd be a good number of years before this thing rusted away. More than likely, I'd wear it out before hand. (but if I lived by the beach, not sure).

Pushing these on wet ground is a night/day affair too. The slide moves so much easier - it's like putting comfortable shoes on. ahhhhh.

I see there's some plastic skids you can get for the sled. I have no experience with that - perhaps it will make like easier on concrete and help prevent any rusting.
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