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Re: Rogue "E" sled

Originally Posted by Mike Doehla View Post
Thoughts on the dogsled?
Our gym has 4 of them. I probably use it the most often. It weighs about 100# so is a bit of a mission to move in/out of storage. (Use gloves so you don't get slivers/cut).

It is tough to push on the black-top/concrete but is a real man maker. There is the ability to pull it, but I've never done this. It's always a push.
On concrete, just using it with no weight is a good workout. Lots of resistance but you can sprint it..
You have to "stay down" on it too. You can't pick it up and push it on the end. It will not move, you have to keep the back on the ground otherwise you're in for a long day. Unlike a prowler or something that you can put up on the front sled.

As you add weight, it gets exponentially tougher. Using 2 plates and doing a 6x40yd repeats EMOM or every 90s will not put hair on your chest. It will rip it off. The first 2 you can go after. Then next 2 are pretty tough. The last 2 you die and are almost walking. (again, this is on concrete, grass may be different assuming hard ground and not mud).
The handles are good. You can start pushing low and as you start to run, can move up easily - you aren't locked into one spot.
Then, when it's time to turn around (like when doing 6x40), you don't have to turn the sled around - you just pop the handles out and change ends. This is a godsend when gassed.

So, it's built like a tank and is as difficult to move as one too. I have a love/hate relationship with it.
Potentially, for home use, it is just too much and I'd probably go with a prowler. But if I owned a gym, I'd have a fleet of them once I was fully established.

The modifications I'd like rogue to make are related to storage.
1. Put some handles on it so we can more easily carry it around when putting it away. There's got to be somewhere this could be done.
2. The pin that the weight sits on. It could be screwed out or something so the sleds could be stacked.

Other than that, it seems to be perfect for a heavy sled push.

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