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Re: Not Quite Getting It

Originally Posted by Gwyn Antonio Patriarca View Post
I thought the “workout of the day” was the workout of the day.
It is.

I would walk in to the gym, do the one or two exercises, and then go grab a churro.
You can.

I thought I was golden and according to you I would be stronger than a Navy SEAL in months.
Is that written somewhere?

Now, I find out that I am supposed to be doing a warm-up,

mobility work,

and strength work before the workout of the day.
Totally optional. Where did you see that you're "supposed" to do it?

I certainly did not see that in the advert.
What advert is that?

But, more to the point, are you trying to suggest that you wouldn't have started CF if you had known (gasp!!) that you're supposed to warm up and do mobility work too? Cmon.

Could someone please explain to me, in simple English, exactly what I am supposed to be doing for a workout.
Many of us refer to these "someones" as Crossfit coaches. Every single CF gym in the U.S. has at least one.

I tried reading the website and associated documentation, but I must have clicked on the “translate to Anglo-Saxon” button, because I saw a lot of words, but none of them made any sense to me.
That was true for me as well until I spent more time reading the forum, reading other CF sites, and (especially) walked into a CF gym and met with a coach.

If you're not going to go to a professional (i.e. a coach) for help in getting started, then you're going to have to serve yourself by learning on your own. The members of this forum are willing to -- *if you have the right attitude* -- help you a bit, but nobody is going to tell you "exactly what you should do for a workout." Coaches do that. Forum members don't. Sorry.

I know that you are going to suggest that I join one of those crossFit gyms, but my motivation hangs by a thread as it is. If I am going to spend any more money, it is going to be on Haagen-Dazs.
I'm sorry, but that's just weak. If you can't find your own motivation, how is anyone here going to help you?

- Mark
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