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Re: Not Quite Getting It

You are being snide, a "mea culpa" would be much more effective if you actually made an effort to not be rude (i.e. that "holy canon" comment, whether it is an "aside" or not). I'm sorry I came off the way I did, there are enough random people here who come in bashing CF and working out in general (and actually Americans in general a couple times recently) and end up banned rather quickly.

If your goal is weight loss - and actually this is what I meant about the 23:40 of unhealthy vs :20 of healthy, since you made it obvious that you like to eat unhealthy - then diet is going to be 90% of the solution. You need to be taking in less than you are burning, and it needs to be balanced. I enjoy a good bowl of ice cream at times too (actually just got done eating some myself) but you have to take that into account with what you eat the rest of the day. I can't speak to weight loss - I've been scrawny my whole life and am trying to go in the opposite direction, in addition I do CrossFit for fun and competition, I haven't had a life-changing experience and am not "drinking the kool-aid" as it were, I don't care if you get your calorie-burning kicks from CF or from riding a bike around - so you'll have to wait for somebody else to give you specifics there.

Workout-wise, the mainpage version of CF is perfectly acceptable for what you're looking for. It's actually a very good program for your average person looking for general fitness. When you see people recommending strength programs and other expanded or periodized workout routines, that's advice to people looking for specific goal - to be stronger, a better Olympic-style weightlifter, a better runner, etc. It's not necessary for everyone, and sometimes it's not really even "CrossFit." Does that make it wrong or less effective? Nope.

I guess to summarize, two points: 1. Diet is the primary driver of weight loss, and 2. If athletics isn't your passion but you still want to work out, find something you enjoy doing. That's really what's important in all this anyway, getting healthy and enjoying yourself.
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