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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Originally Posted by Russell Greene View Post

Anthos wants to make money from CrossFit's current seminar system, sure, but they told us their plans and they want to dramatically alter CrossFit's business model. They see the fact that CrossFit affiliates don't all push a particular supplement and equipment brand as money left on the table. In other words, they think that CrossFit HQ could be squeezing the affiliates for much more than the rather minimal affiliate fee that it currently is. And, of course, such deviations from CrossFit's tried and true Affiliate system would not be optional.

To address your second point, the aforementioned non-managing equity partner has already rejected a better offer from CrossFit, Inc. to buy out her shares.
So, if she's rejected a better offer from crossfit inc, im guessing she just wants some sort of revenge against greg? I wonder if she realizes she could be ruining thousand's of affiliates owner's livelyhoods?
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