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Hunter Blackmore
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Re: Hunter Blackmore's CFCC / Imperial Log

Morning trip to Imperial.

Log hang clean & press
Log (~85#)x5
Log+50# 5x5

Weighted pull-ups
5x5 @20kg

5 rounds
60ft hand over hand sled rope pull (WFS)

First 3 rounds I had 180 on sled - dropped down to 135 for last 2 pulls as it was getting too slow. Finished in 7:42 - wasn't all working time though, had to turn the sled around and walk rope to other side, plus get slack out because the rope is about 100ft long. Thank you to Grant Higa ( WFS), a Washington State record holder in squat, and one of the best strongmen out there, for encouraging me on the last couple pulls.

Finished with 1 more 60ft hand over hand rope sled pull with 180# on sled.

Pushups w/ feet on 12" box

Lastly, CFTG.
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