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Re: CrossFit: The Superior Sport? Controversial Argument.

Read the article. First of all Devin, congratulations on making it to the Games! You do have to be an amazing athlete to get there. I checked out the stats on you guys--the percentage of people who are strong enough to squat 400 or deadlift 500 (which seems to be the Games standard) is very small, nevermind the percentage of people who are that strong *and* are able to run fast and long on top of that.

But your article... Well, I don't agree that other sports "don't quite measure up". I also don't agree that "there isn't as much carryover" with other sports. They workout just as hard as we do, AND they have to have the coordination to still be able to do their sport. Indeed, I would argue that a top MMA fighter can do everything a Crossfitter do---ever do any research on what an MMA fighter's training routine actually is--AND he probably could handle himself that much better in a street brawl! A top tennis player could keep up with most any Crossfitter on the agility/sprinting and jumping, and the double-unders, and again, some of them are incredibly strong. A top NFL player in most positions can probably squat 400+ and deadlift 500+ and could still kick *** on the agility and double-unders. I'm sure he could do just fine with the gymnastics, if not right away, then definitely with just some extra work.

Again, that isn't to say that making it to the Games isn't a very big accomplishment, because it is. You surely had to compete and win against some terrific athlete--former college athletes and even some pro athletes in a variety of different sports, to get there. And as they get more publicity, the level of competition at the Games will surely keep getting better and better.

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