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Re: Middle back pain

Just saw the chiro. Basically told me that one of my ribs shifted a bit and is causing strain on the surrounding muscles. Did some stim, messaged it, and did some adjusting. The pain when down a lot after everything was done but its not completely gone. I have appointments to go back monday wednesday and friday of next week. He says i should take the 2 weeks off from exercise. when i heard that my heart sank =(

I know 2 weeks isn't that long but is there ANYTHING i can do? mobility? skill work? would running/jogging be ok? Im not trying to aggravate it more so i will be more than happy to take the time off if i have too. I was just wondering if there was anything i could do that wouldn't hurt. Its annoying for some reason when im not training my diet always goes to crap too =(
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