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Middle back pain

Took some time off from heavy lifting for a few weeks or so. Came back this week doing CFSB. Sunday I did heavy squats and monday heavy deads. Tuesday was a rest day. Did not do anything all day, but around dinner time i went to the mall. Just walking around the mall i began getting this unusual pain in my back. The pain hit me very randomly for i dont remember doing anything to aggravate my back. Its quite painful but odd at the same time. For example If i lean forward on a desk or table or something, it hurts leaning forward, but once my back is rounded for a second or two the pain goes away. Then it hurts to straighten my back again. It also hurts to bend my neck forward. Anything involving the rolling of the back causes pain. Even bringing my legs up to recline them causes pain. If i keep my back straight there seems to be no pain but the slightest bend or twist causes about a 7 on a scale to 10 painwise. The pain is centralized here (wfs)

Lacrosse ball massages only help for about 10 minutes post massage. One thing to note i barely felt any pain massaging or compressing on my back. Ice seemed to help. Today i also took some NSAID but it didn't give much relief at all. Im very confused as to what this might be.
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