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Re: lost my double unders...cable speed rope issue?

Originally Posted by Benjamin Goodale View Post
well, it turn out it was me...not the rope. I bought about 6 different ropes to try to find the best one. my double-unders were still sucking big time. so i just kept working on them, and when i finally came back to using the cable-speed rope, i got back to rocking them out just fine.
i think i had been having trouble because my arms were continually overworked from lots of overhead work, and my legs were generally whipped too. the tired arms let to an inability to hold the necessary tension in the arms, and tired legs led to a lack of coordination of jump and swing. also. i think i was also holding the rope slightly differently.
i rewatched the buddy lee videos, adjusted my grip, practiced my bounce, and then did a s***load of du's. back to normal, praise the lord.
i knew it had to me, not the equipment.
my faith in the cable speed rope has been fully restored.
going to have to try my cable again... my DUs have run away :-(
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