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John, that made me laugh.

Eric (and others),
I have no idea. I started a couple months ago with 20rep squats (aka super squat program) and began around 115 or so. I added weight every workout for about a month. Then after a brief rest I switched to a 5x5 format and in a few weeks have finally reached 225. It is definitely feeling heavy now. I also suspect form is becoming more critical and the warmup also. I guess I was taking Rippetoe's warning too far (don't burn up all your energy on the warmup).

I'm probably reaching the end of 5x5 (at least where it combines with other stuff). It had been:
workout1: squat, bench, pullup (all 5x5)
workout2: deadlift, overhead press, pullup (all 5x5)
This was repeated every week, other days had more crossfit oriented stuff.

I'm not sure what I want to try now, perhaps straight WOD or perhaps EDT (combining two lifts each time, possibly).

Regardless, what would be a more appropriate warmup do you think?

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