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Re: lost my double unders...cable speed rope issue?

I'm very hit or miss on double unders even though I do them as part of my warmup just about every day...some days I can't get them at all, or I'll get no more than 2 or 3 in a row for 15 minutes straight then string together 40 out of nowhere. I've tried several different types of ropes and used to think that changing ropes threw off my timing, but have since figured out it's just a technique thing. What has helped me lately is warming up with 10 or 12 bounces...without swinging the rope, just bouncing up to the height and pace I would use for double unders to make sure I'm doing it smoothly without moving forward or back. If that doesn't help once I start swinging the rope, I'll alternate single-single-double-single-single-double for a while til I get used to the pace and realize that going from singles to doubles is more a matter of wrist speed than bounce height. If I go through that sequence I can get adapted to pretty much any rope.
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