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lost my double unders...cable speed rope issue?

wasn't quite sure whether to post this in equipment or exercises...

in the past few months i have gotten much better at double-unders: i started to be able keep my legs straight and string together 40-50 in a row with decent efficiency.

i have gone through several different ropes and about a month ago i tried a cable speed rope at my cert. i liked it so much i bought one. ( wfs)it took some getting used to because it was so fast i had to adjust my timing. but once i got used it no problem.

now i am starting to lose my double-unders! i do them at least 4 days a week, so i don't think it is a matter of being out of practice. i used to just have trouble when i would attempt double-unders at the beginning of my workout. i train at 6 am most days, so i just chalked it up to being cold and stiff because when i would do some at the end of class, i could usually get it going pretty well.

but for the past few days my double-unders have just sucked! i can only get one or two and the rope goes slack. for some reason i just can't keep any tension on the rope to keep it spinning. i think that it is worse with my cable speed rope than the other licorice ropes at the gym.

anybody use a cable speed rope have problems like this?

i know it seems silly to blame the equipment, but something just ain't right...

any thoughts?

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