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Thanks Steve. The advice about the tire flip and truck pull is exactly what I was looking for. Because I doubt I'll have access to any of the equipment needed to train for the events, I wanted to know what type of mindset I should approach this event with. I'll definitely be focusing on being aggressive and fast.

Nobody knows what the other two events are. Supposedly, the kid running the comp. will be trying out an idea for another event this weekend. I may get to practice throwing the keg on Sunday too. The truck pull will be done with a harness and a Toyota Tacoma estimated at 3500lbs.

Just a note, this strongman competition is totally bush league. It's something that was set up so that the the gym rats and body builders at the school gym could have bragging rights. Its all in good fun and the money earned from the registration fees goes to a good cause.

Having said that, I certainly don't want to discount the competition. I've never done anything like this before and there will be some very big guys there. I'm looking to have fun and in light of the "CF won't make you strong" debate I want to see how I perform based on just doing the WOD consistently for 2 months.

Its at The George Washington University in University Yard on the 29th 10am-6pm. There's a website with pics if you want an idea of what equipment was used in the past two comps. Just go to GWU's home page and search for "strongman competition." If there are any DC CF'ers in the area come on down!

Btw, Steve I saw the pics of you pulling the fire truck (full of water and a tire on the back!?!). Unbelieveable!
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