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Thanks for the Props guys!

Aaron, like the guys said above, the best you can hope for in only two weeks is to do some event specific training.
What are your events exactly?
It isnt enough to simply be a power lifter, then expect to do well in these kinds of comps.

For the tire flip, how heavy is the tire?? Remember, you arent deadlifting it! Here is a link, shows much better than I can explain it. The only thing I would add is be AGGRESSIVE!! Dont simply let the tire drop, push it over!!! Chase it!!!, but dont lose control of it.
Unfortunately Mark tore both quads at the Worlds Strongest Man in China recently.

For the truck pull, is it hand over hand, or are you in a harness??
Either way think SPEED!!!
Fast feet and fast hands are the key. Just like Oly lifters are able to lift incredible weights with speed, this is the same. You have to get whatever it is you are pulling, moving fast, and keep it going that way. AGGRESSIVE!!
If its hand over hand, make sure you have lots of chalk, and keep it close by, should you need to chalk up half way through.
If you're in a harness, make sure where you're pulling is clear of small stones, and that sort of thing. I see some people wear climbing shoes for traction. I wear a soft soled workboot. It hasnt let me down yet, pulling is def one of my stronger events. Experiment with your footwear to see what works best.
Either way, hand over hand, or in a harness, make sure all the slack is taken out of the rope before you give the signal that you are ready. The rope you are pulling should be as tight as a wire, when they say "GO".

Other might say different, but I think throwing is largely a personal thing. What works best for you, within the rules of course. Kegs are easy to get where I am from. In lieu of that, try large bags of sand, concrete, or salt, or a large rock. Again, speed and explosive power are the key. Different comps have you throwing in different ways, so I cant really say whats best for you. Check out Dan John's lifting and throwing e-mag. "Get Up" for the last word on throwing.
What are you other events?? Let me know when you find out and I'll give you whatever little pointers I can. I'll also point you to some other online resources for advice and training ideas if you like.
Hope that I've helped you a bit.
Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

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