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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to train for a strongman comp? I entered one at my university and its in about two weeks.

My BW is 165. Height is 5'10".
I lifted consistently for 2.5 yrs (Mostly powerlifting) and then I quit for 1.5 yr because of school and work. I started CF'ing at the beginning of this semester and I've changed my diet considerably. I feel much better than I ever have in any other PT or lifting program.

For the comp. there are 5 events: Tire flip, Truck pull and Keg toss. (the other two haven't been decided yet) There are 20 competitors and I will be the smallest by far. My strategy is to CF up to the comp. and see what happens. I'm doing this mostly for fun but I've always been interested in competing in PL'ing or Strongman comps.

My biggest concerns are the Truck pull and Keg toss. I think the Truck pull will be my weakness because of my BW. As for the Keg toss I've never thrown competively so I'm unsure if there is some type of form to follow. A friend and I are going to try and get a keg to practice with next weekend. I did read a great article about throwing by Dan John but I need to get out and practice. Any advice would be helpful.

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