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Re: Dumped a Squat Clean in a Globo Gym

Originally Posted by Omar Mendoza View Post
Yeah... when I first started crossfit I was all amped up and ready to work my *** off, now I'm realizing it's going to take a more... intelligent approach, as in receiving some coaching and finding a place where I can focus more on weightlifting.

What's your stance on paid digital coaching? If it's within my budget and I can find a good coach in my area, I will try to do that, but if not, I may need to consider a digital coach.

I was the same way. I spent 6 months or so on the "more is better" appoach before I started making a concerted effort to learn about fitness and programming outside of my swimming background.

As for dedicated digital coaching, I really dont have any experience with it, so I cant really offer an informed opinion either way, sorry.
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