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Re: Dumped a Squat Clean in a Globo Gym

Originally Posted by Omar Mendoza View Post
I've seen previous posts from you and I respect your opinion, so in no way am I trying to argue with your advice, but why would the outlaw way not be good for beginners? Is It the volume or the lifts themselves?

And I'll check out that site when I get off work, thanks.
Volume and skill level of the stuff mostly. I know we say that CrossFit is infinitely scalable, but the way I see it Outlaw is one of those programs you should follow as written or not at all, just because of the complexity of the program. Again, my opinion and others may differ.

The other thing is, a lot of the weightlifting drills they do arent going to do much for an athlete unless 1. You have a solid grasp of the lifts and the mechanics thereof, or 2. You have a coach who knows these things well and can fix issues in real time.

Seriously, if you really want to focus on weightlifting and really be a good lifter, I would recommend finding a good coach and taking a little time with them. I started with an actual weightlifting team a couple monts ago and I have to say its probably the best CrossFit related decision I have made.
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