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Re: pulled(?) intercostal(?) muscle from muscle-up!!!

If it truly IS a pulled intercostal muscle mate, Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you won't be fully functional in 4 days.

I hurt one in pretty much the same place when I got slammed during MMA training, took me a good 6 weeks to get over..

Things that helped?

ICE + Rest - most important.
Keep protein intake high
What gave me relief was after the first week, was going to the sauna.. spend a while in there to heat up and VERY lightly do some stretching then come out and jump in the ice cold shower then back in sauna, staying well hydrated I repeated this a few times gave me some relief.

As horrible as it sounds if you can't work out during the cert it will be for the best.. I found out that training through an intercostal injury will usually make it worse (slightest training - i rolled with a 9 year old and it hurt!)

That being said mate I hope you recover quick
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