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pulled(?) intercostal(?) muscle from muscle-up!!!

You wouldn't believe my luck with muscle-ups. Thirteen years ago, as a low-level, novice, yet strong and hard-working collegiate gymnast, I used to do a few muscle ups every practice in the usual course of training.

13 years later I find CrossFit, but don't have access to rings for my first 6 months. Out of desperation, I hung towing straps over my pull-up bar and attempted a muscle-up on them. While fighting through the transition (struggling, as is normal), I shot my right arm out, laterally, straightening it --- and muscled through the transition. The pain was intense and immediate. I'm not sure what I did, but it hurt damn bad for about 9-10 days after. I didn't try that stunt again.

Then I finally made it home to the US, made my first appearance in a CrossFit gym, and promptly found the rings. And tried a muscle-up. I struggled through the transition again, didn't pop my arm out laterally this time, and felt the searing pain again as I supported myself in the completed position. I'd done it AGAIN.

Fast forward about 8 more days, and find me in Petranek Fitness today in LA. We're standing around chatting, I spy the rings and naturally, want to go for it. Richard Vanmeerbeek pointed out afterwards that DUH!! I didn't warm up. I grabbed the rings and did a muscle-up, but faltered and struggled at the transition --- and instantly felt like I'd been stabbed in the lower ribs.

The pain didnt lessen or go away; it got worse. Now, several hours later, I can barely walk. Breathing is painful, lifting anything with either arm is painful. Driving the car was painful.

I think I pulled an intercostal muscle -- it was my first thought, and I checked it later (with my physician wife) and concluded the same.

The pain extends in a straight line from just anterior to my 3rd rib from the bottom, medial from the ribs (under them), to just behind the bottom back corner of my ribs. It's only on my right side.

I can stand on one leg (on either leg), and that's about the only thing I can do without pain. Squatting, bending, breathing are all painful. I can extend my hands overhead, but rotation aggravates it; lifting anything with just one hand sends shooting pain through me.

My cert seminar is in 4 days. I'm ****ed. I've got some awful luck with muscle-ups. I just wanted to document this, in case anyone else somehow manages to duplicate this injury and wonders if anyone else has ever ripped a rib muscle while trying to do a muscle-up.

Yeah, you can evidently rip an intercostal on one side while doing a muscle-up.

If anyone has any suggestions for helping me to heal, I need it. I want to be functional again in 4 days for my Level 1 certification seminar.
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