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Protein/fat intake for a lower BF%

So, I decided to log back into My fitness pal after 6 months of not tracking my food and only about 3 months of true Paleo. I know my portions have gotten a little out of hand. I have become stronger, but also bigger. I had good success with it last year when it was the norm to idolize Arnold and the wearing of extra-medium shirts . I quickly realized that something wasn't right when I couldn't clear a short wall with a 40# plate carrier. I have done crossfit off and on, but got serious about it when I deployed. I began doing about 1-1.5 hours of a sealfit wod when I became strict about Paleo.

Now for the stats, problems and what I'm trying to accomplish.

24% BF (according to the neck/waist tape)

I haven't recorded any CF times, but here is what I got from our last PT test.

1.5 mile: 11:30 (lost 20 seconds in the last 6 months)
Bench: 290#
Pull ups:15

The issues I'm having are with sleep and diet. I can only get about 4 hours of sleep on an exercise day and 6-7 hours on an off day. That added with 12-14 hours on the one day I don't work. It's not that I can't or won't sleep. I would sleep the hell out of some sleep if I was afforded the opportunity. The problem is that the job calls for 14-16 hour days, 6 days a week. For the longest time I was doing WODs each day until I either burnt out or a scheduled rest day came around. Now, along with monitoring intake, I'm going to stick to a one on one off schedule (I always noticed that my best workouts were after 10+ hours of sleep...weird).

Now for the intake. The only thing I can roughly account for is the protein/fat portion. Each day is pretty much the same. Pile as much food as you can into a to-go tray, empty it into tupperware and go to work. Besides the meat section, everything else is either fruit or veggies. Started cutting back on the nuts and using them as only a pre-workout snack. Here is a short list of an average day. This would be the highest fat intake overall. I know it's possible to consume 250g+ of protein with only ~80g of fat using egg whites, lean meat, and lots of fish. Problem now is availability.

4 Large Eggs: Cal. 280 Fat. 16 Protein 24
1 Bubba Buger: Cal. 340 Fat. 26 Protein 23

2 Dfac Burgers: Cal. 800 Fat. 46 Protein 50

1 oz. Mixed Nuts: Cal. 165 Carbs. 7 Fat. 14 Protein. 5

Total: Cal. 1585/2480 Carbs. 7 Fat. 102 Protein. 102

Goals are to reduce BF% and drop some weight. Not too worried about low protein days like this since I have a lot of excess BF that can be burned as energy.

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any advice.

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