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Re: Outdoor pullup bar construction

Originally Posted by Willie McLendon View Post
I made one about 9 months ago and just expanded/improved upon it last week. It is now 4 sided and I made a few enhancements on the construction to make the mounts stronger yet easier to disassemble. I used 4 2-3/8 x 10' fence posts that are 2' into the ground. When I dug out the holes (2' deep) I cemented in a 2'x2.5" couduit pipe that the fence posts can slide in and out of for easy removal. The pull-up bars are 1"x60" on the front and back, and 1"x48" on the sides. The brackets are a modified fence bracket that has a 1/4"x2" grade 8 bolt supporting below the bar, and a removable 1/4"x2" pin going through the bar on each end. Originally it was just 2 posts with 1 bar, and it held up fine for my 205# frame doing kipping, butterfly, and weighted pull-ups.
I had not considered using steel fence posts, but I might after seeing this. Was it unstable before adding the other sides? Does the post fit snugly into the 2.5" PVC conduit? Or is this metal conduit? Thanks.
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