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29r Mountain Bikes

So I currently have a Trek 4300 that is on its way out. The local Bike Shop that I am in almost daily when I ride is suggesting that I go to a single speed 29r. They rent them for $20 (that will be applied towards a new bike when you buy one, ya, AWESOME) and I have tried a few and LOVE them. So far I have road a Surly Karate Monkey, Specialized Rockhopper and a Redline.

The Specailized is my size and is my favorite. It has a front suspension. The Monkey is a 17" frame and I need a 19" so it is to small and is noticable... So I am torn on that one, although I do love the way it rides being full rigid, it is not as comfortable though, probably because of the 17" frame. The Redline was OK, but is a cheaper bike, and you can tell. They also have a Gary Fisher 29r in my size but won't rent it cause they don't have any used ones, so I have no imput on that one.

I am wanting to stay somewhere in the $1000 range. The Specialized and the Monkey will be close. The Redline is $500 and the Fisher is $600 roughly. Anyone have any experience with these bikes? Or have other bikes that they would suggest? I ride ROUGH and will ride 3-5 times per week, weather permitting. The 4300 took 2 years to ruin. I ride them as hard as I can for as long as I can.

The trails I ride (Winona Lake, Indiana) I have been told are very technical, but I have not rode any other so I have nothing to compare them too. About once a month they have organized actual races, so I would think it to be somewhat credible. I just want something that is going to be a blast to ride, and will take a beating. The 29r's are simplistic, especialy if they are rigid.

Thanks for the opinions.
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