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Re: Weight and Strength Gain

God I would wither and die on your diet. Eat man eat. Try this
breakfast: 3-4 eggs, toast or muffin, fruit or avocado, glass of milk
snack: banana
lunch: steak and vegetable stir fry, sweet potato, kefir or yogurt, glass of milk
snack: sardines in olive oil (my favorite)
dinner: some chunk of meat 8 or 10 oz, vegetables (onions, peppers, and kale are my favorites), brown rice, glass of milk

If you still can't gain get some more bread in there.

I know its not paleo. Oh well. I gave up trying to gain weight on strict paleo a while back. Its impossible for me. If you have an active occupation and are training on top of it and go mountain biking or hiking or cut trees or play soccer on weekends you are burning more calories than you can ingest strict paleo.
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